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What Are Your Hair Concerns?

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You’re a Good Candidate for a Hair Topper if

You are experiencing hair thinning due to age, heredity, medication, surgery or COVID

You are experiencing hair breakage due to hot iron or harsh hair products 

You are looking for fuller hair while you grow your own hair out 

You are experiencing thinning or hair loss at the front hairline or temples 

You are experiencing thinning around your crown or part and top of scalp


"Thank you for your patience and comforting kindness in guiding me through picking out my Bestie! I love her! I can’t wait to play around and find cute ways to wear her! The color is perfect and the cut is exactly like I envisioned!"
"I love my hair toppers from Manon. I wear my shorter topper every day, and it has allowed my hair to grow out healthier now that I don't have to use a hot iron on it daily. My long topper is great fun for going out on the town! My Besties have given me so many styling options. I could not be happier with my purchases, and compared to others I've seen, they were very reasonably priced!"
“My son walked right past me at California Adventures. My daughter-in-law loved it. Their baby didn’t recognize me until I spoke! My 5-year-old granddaughter could not stop smiling. ‘Your hair grew Grandma’ My mom and husband love it too."
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