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What are              ?

Besties are hair toppers designed for discreet hair loss solutions for women. Sizes of these fully customizable top pieces range from bangs to full crown coverage. Each hair topper can be as long or as short as you need to provide you with as much or as little coverage as you desire.


Once you find your bestie, you won’t want to leave home without her! 


The Bestie collection from Just Be. Hair offers different coverages for all occasions. It’s our goal that you feel your best, most confident self every time you leave the house. Think of your Bestie as your secret weapon for confidence. Simply clip in and style for a lush look!

The Benefits of
Hair Toppers

Made from 100% human hair 

Customizable to your hair color, length, style and scalp size 

All day wearability - does not cause sweating, you won’t even know it’s there! 

Mix and match lengths, and styles for different occasions

Easy to style and wear with adjustable clips for comfortable, secure fit 

Discreet placement and exact match coloring so no one will ever know you’re wearing one 



You’re a Good Candidate for a Hair Topper if

You are experiencing hair thinning due to age, heredity, medication, surgery or COVID

You are experiencing hair breakage due to hot iron or harsh hair products 

You are looking for fuller hair while you grow your own hair out 

You are experiencing thinning or hair loss at the front hairline or temples 

You are experiencing thinning around your crown or part and top of scalp

Our Clients Say


Thank you for your patience and comforting kindness in guiding me through picking out my Bestie! I love her! I can’t wait to play around and find cute ways to wear her! The color is perfect and the cut is exactly like I envisioned! I hope I can help you connect with. ladies who really need your understanding and awesome skills!


Deciding Which Hair Topper is Right for You

Fully Customizable

Vicki Front 2.jpg

For the woman who wants a one-of-one piece! Manon and her team will transform your bestie with a wash, blow dry, root smudge, toner, highlights, and/or lowlights, and set up an in-person appointment to trim your bestie to fit. 


Martha Front 2.jpg

For the woman who needs a personal touch! Manon and her team will doll up your bestie with a wash, blow dry, root smudge and toner before sending her to you. You can have your hairdresser trim to fit or wear the length as is. 

Ready To Wear

Sharon Bang Front 2_edited.jpg

For the woman who’s ready to go! Choose your color and style to receive a hair topper that is ready to wear out of the box. This is ideal for women who do not color their hair or one who's looking to purchase and have their hair dresser style. 

 Choose Your Color

Have your Bestie customized or find a ready to wear option from our vast line of Color Swatches. 

 What’s Next?

It’s time to find your Bestie! Each Bestie is customizable with your hair color, length and crown size. To find the Bestie that is best for you, fill out the form below to receive a detailed pricing list, information on sizing and custom options. 


Manon will reach out to schedule a consultation call or appointment to get more details on your bestie needs. 


If you are currently working with your hair stylist to find hair restoration solutions, or have custom coloring, Manon can work with you and your stylist to help you find the best solution and maximize your confidence! 

If you are currently undergoing treatment for medical hair loss, your topper purchase may be covered by your insurance company. Click here to learn more about medical wig insurance.


Choose Coloring
What Are Your Hair Concerns?

Check Your Email for Details!


Meet Manon & her

Specializing in Hair Transformations & Seamless Color Matching

Manon Mortis is an expert hair stylist in Orange County, California with more than 40 years of industry experience. She is the owner and founder of Just Be. Hair, a personalized salon experience where you will leave looking and feeling your best. Manon has dedicated herself to restoring women’s confidence. Her mission is to do whatever it takes to make sure that her clients look great, feel beautiful and have confidence in who they are. 


Manon holds herself to a high standard of professionalism. Doing everything with compassion, understanding and honesty. She has more than 35 years of loyalty to her clients who have found her to be dependable and genuine in helping with all of their hair needs. 


After years in the hair industry, Manon has witnessed first-hand the impact that hair loss has on women of all ages, and in her desire to help, she began her search for the answer to give her clients the hair they’ve always dreamed of. In this search for the industry’s best kept secret, she discovered a solution to your individual hair loss needs, and the Besties collection was born.



Just Be. Hair by Manon in Orange, CA

Looking for a new hair stylist in Orange, CA? Manon offers a full range of hair services available to both men and women in the comfort of her boutique salon space.


Manon specializes in the following services:


Extensions (I-tips, Tape-in, Volume & Genius Wefts) 

Master Hair Coloring

Custom Cuts


She is always open and happy to accommodate your needs. Please allow 24 hours for response.


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